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The issue mentioned there is most often connection issues due to a wrong security setup on the customer’s side (SO firewall, antivirus firewall or hardware firewall).

Most often the reason why this error message could occur is due to connection issues, so customers should check our article Configure my firewall to work with AnyDesk.

If your network looks OK, try this:

Add /np after the AnyDesk ID or Alias.

Connect first to browse files.

If your connection is successful, then try to connect again for remote control.

Me too . I can't click on the button.... I need solutions :/

The problem was my windows firewall.
Same for me, did you get any workaround for this ?
You know, i think i stumbled on a way to do this.  i was trying the little buttons and one of them provides a "file manager".  i copied a small .jpg file from my compu to the remote one and then tried connecting again.  Voila!  It worked!
I get this error when connecting from Win -> Linux Machines   & selecting to automatically set the resolution on target machine.
I then need to restart anydesk on my remote machine to get it working again :(
Worked adding anydesk.exe to the exceptions of my firewall.
Tel me sir for mobile
Weird. first connect the file transfer, then I was able to connect to the screen.